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Just recently had a Mlp marathon,  and with over 100 episodes already,  I figured I would put together the list of morals that I can personally relate to. Now, keep in mind that this is not in any kind of order,  I am simply listing down the morals alone and why I relate to them. So, here we go:

" It's hard to accept when somepony you like wants to spend time with somepony who's not so nice. Though it's impossible to control who your friends hang out with, it is possible to control your own behavior. Just continue to be a good friend. In the end, the difference between a false friend and one who's true will surely
come to light."

--The Griffin Brushoff

It is always difficult when I see my friends being friends with others who I know are not good for them, but if there is not much I can do about it, then of course I am always there for my friends no matter what because that's all I can really do.

"Friendship is a wondrous and powerful thing. Even the worst of enemies can become friends. You need understanding and compromise. You've got to share. You've got to care."

--Over A Barrel 

In Elementary school,  I was really mean to this girl because she was different. We were always mean towards each other for so long, but then when we got older, we grew more mature. I took the chance to apologize for my actions and we started to understand each other and forgive.. I am still friends with her till this day, and I remain her one and only true friend.

"Always expect the best from your friends and never assume the worst. Rest assured that a good friend always has your best interests at heart."

--Party of One

Because of my self esteem,  I constantly think my friends and family don't really like me,  or they would be better off without me. I always think my friends just hang out with me because they feel bad or something. Then I always quickly realize that my family and true friends, genuinely do think the best for me.

"Friends have a way of making even the worst of times into something pretty great."
---Best Night Ever

This is one of the morals I relate to the MOST! I have such terrible days with my family and friends, but then at the end of the day I always realize that it wasn't so bad, because the smallest thing done with my friends or family gave me fond memories of even the most unfortunate days.

"Waiting for what your heart desires can be really hard. So, you may try to take a shortcut. But this dishonesty never works, because you didn't earn what your heart desired. The only cure is being honest with yourself, and others. And that's something every heart gt desires."

---Cutie Pox

It's hard to explain this one honestly,  but I have tried cheating and lying many times in my life, and that puts me in the most unfortunate situations. 

"There are many different kinds of friends, and many ways to express friendship. Some friends like to run and laugh and play together. But others just like to be left alone, and that's fine too. But the best thing about friendship is being able to make your friends smile."

---Friend In Deed 

I have many friends,  and it is very true that some enjoy hanging out mostly the time, where others like their space most of the time. I am personally one of those people. I love hanging out with my friends,  but most of the time I enjoy being alone where it's quiet and just do my own thing.

"From now on, I'm gonna solve problems as they come, and stop worrying about every little thing!"

---It's About Time 

I'll have to admit,  out of all of these morals,  THIS is the one that is most inspirational. Out of all the characters in the show, I relate to Twilight the most. Let's just say I share her same level of anxiety. I always worry about the future,  and it always gets me so stressed that I can't even enjoy anything. So, I need to listen to this moral because it's a problem. Oh, and it seems Twilight didn't stick to this moral either (seeing how this is only season 2 and there are three more seasons where she has big anxiety attacks...)

"Turns out that when you're with folks you care about, you don't have to do much to make that time memorable. Even the simplest of activities can take on a whole lotta meanin'! And you'll find that you'll remember the who long after you've forgotten the what."

---Apple Family Reunion 

I watch an episode with my mom everyday while discussing certain things that we enjoy, and that is always the highlight of my day. That's the perfect example I can give.

"a good family isn't about bein' perfect as much as it is about bein' able to get through the rough patches together. About bein' able to forgive each other for mistakes."

---Pinkie Apple Pie 

Yup, family is freakin difficult. My family constantly fight, argue, and even stop talking to each other for a while,  but in the end they still hang out together and forgive each other (for the most part.) 

"When you're with a good friend, even the most chaotic day can end up being a great experience."

---Three's A Crowd 

I say that this moral is awfully similar to the lesson of Best Night Ever,  so I use the same reasoning for that one.

"Sometimes, being afraid can stop you from doing something that you love. But hiding behind these fears means you're only hiding from your true self. It's much better to face those fears so you can shine and be the best pony you can possibly be."

--Filli Vanilli 

...what she said.

"kindness can take many forms. And, sometimes, being 
tookind can actually keep a friend from doing what they need to do. Pushing them away may seem cruel, but it's sometimes the kindest thing you can do."

--It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 

Kindness definitely can be taken advantage of, and it's never easy. Now this moral I am very fond of because it is how I am. I am always kind to people,  but I also make sure to be firm if they don't listen to me,  but of course always for the best.

"One way of learning isn't better than another. After all, every pony is unique and individual."

---1, 2, 3 Testing 

I just think this is a very important moral in general when it comes to education. Everybody learns differently,  some easier than others. It is important for teachers to keep this in mind for students so they could actually learn properly and perhaps eagerly.

"You know, it's kinda weird. No matter how many times others tell you you're great, all the praise in the world means nothing if you don't feel it inside. Sometimes, to feel good about yourself, you gotta let go of the past. That way, when the time comes to let your greatness fly, you'll be able to light up the whole sky."

--Equestria Games 

By far my favorite moral of the show so far. Again,  I have self esteem, issues so I constantly don't believe in myself. Example, I am writing my very own story,  and I had my mother and best friend read what i had do far so I can have their opinions,  and they say how great it is so far, but I never believe them. However,  it's obvious that I need to believe in myself to get through life, especially if I want to finish my story. So this moral spoke to me the most. 

"Each of my friends has taught me something different about myself! It was their unique gifts and passions and personalities that helped bring out the magic inside of me! "

--Cutie Map

All of my friends are different,  but they each bring out something in me. 

"Don't let my mistake be the reason you can't be friends with anypony else."

--Amending Fences 

I often let false friend's mistakes take over the true ones I have, so I need to remember this.

"Manehattan ponies didn't think they had time to do something for their community! But by building that stage and making sure the play went on, you showed them that just by doing something small, you can make a big difference!"

--Made in Manehattan

A lesson about simplicity ; I love it. I'm all about simplicity in life.

So, what are the morals you guys relate to? :)


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